I didn't always run or workout but  I started running at 23 and just kept going.  I started with road 5k's, moved up in distances and discovered trail running and fell in love with it.  I ran trails and ran far completing ultra races from 50k to a 100 miles.  While having a bad case of planter faschilli, probably because I'm always on my feet.  Needing something to fill my non running time and energy I started lifting weights.  Eventually my feet were healthy again and I returned to running but loved the weights too.  Now I'm obsessed with both.    

I also realized how important it is to cross train with strength work and stretching so I now incorporate both into my routine.  I love all kinds of workouts and sharing my love of exercise so I earned my personal training certification through ACE and my RRCA run coach certification.  I think knowing movement, form and a wide variety of exercise movements help in the design process.  Knowing how clothes will feel through movement and how they will be used.  I apply this knowledge with all I learned in my degree in Fashion Design and product development from SMS University.