The Brand


“I ran until my muscles burned and my veins pumped battery acid, then I ran some more.” — the narrator, Fight Club

The movie, while having nothing to do with working out and training, has everything to do with rejecting societal norms and the idea of what the perfect American life should look like. It is about avoiding pleasures or easy paths, and instead, choosing more work, more training, more deliberate behavior to achieve the chosen goal.

When everything hurts, do more.

I give energy to the daily habits that create growth in my body and mind. When others are ready to drop, I keep going and pick up the pace, I show up and do the work everyday that will create the best version of myself for me and those I surround myself with. I create strength and perseverance while working towards my goals in spite of all obstacles that may cross my path.

I founded my fitness apparel brand, Battery Acid Fitness, to help YOU do more.